Water Tower Research:

Case Study

A highly respected Equity research firm is using GS Direct to publish reports, track usage, and enhance the visibility of their corporate clientele through online content and interactive webinars. GS Direct adapted to their business model and unique needs including customized report templates and video presentations.

GS Direct enabled us to reach a broader audience and to substantially increase the visibility of the corporations we cover. The broad automation capabilities of the GS Direct platform has allowed us to lower operational costs and redirect our efforts towards increasing revenues.

Water Tower Research

The tracking features of the GS Direct platform allows us to visualize growth in usage and to document specific readers, thus helping us to better target their interests.

Head of Sales
Water Tower Research

A boutique firm challenging the equity research model:

Water Tower Research was founded by Wall Street veterans after witnessing a fundamental shift in the investment research industry that resulted in a declining knowledge base among investors, a lack of awareness, and a shrinking pool of fundamental research being conducted on companies across the micro-cap, small-cap, and more recently the mid-cap spectrum. In response to the information gap between companies and various constituents in the financial community, Water Tower Research provides a much-needed bridge between companies and investors, to reach a broader and more diverse group of investors in comparison to the traditional equity research distribution model.

Research for the other 99%:

Water Tower provides “research for the other 99%” from seasoned Wall Street analysts who help investors understand key strategies, industries, technologies, and drivers that impact the companies they cover. Through Water Tower’s state-of-the-art technology platform, powered by GS Direct, they are able to provide a broad portfolio of tools to communicate with investors, in addition to innovative and proactive products and digital strategies that provide valuable and consistent information flow.

Water Tower Research enhanced services:

Water Tower Research selected GS Direct to enhance the products and services they provide with both improved timeliness of report delivery and breadth of product consumption.

Water Tower Research technology platform:

GS Direct provides Water Tower Research with an end-to-end solution for content management and their technology needs. The streamlined editing, publishing, distribution and reporting solution that the GS Direct platform provides assists with all areas of marketing while automating internal processes to lower costs and delivering information to clients with increased efficiency. The result for Water Tower Research is a positive ROI on their investment in adopting the GS Direct platform, measured by reduced operational costs and increased client revenues.